Friday, June 20, 2008

database dump for mysql and postgreSQL

User's data is very very important. Obviously most of application stores user data in the database.

Database backup is mandatory those who are use user data in their application.

If something happen to database, using dump we can restore the backup to the database.

MySql database:
To dump/export:
mysqldump --user {username} --password {password} {database} backup.sql

mysqldump is the command to dump/export the database to file.

To undump/import:
mysql --user {username} --password {password} {database}
This will extract backup.sql to the database
PostgreSQL database:

To dump/export:
pg_dump -h {host-name} -U {username} -p {database name} backup.sql

pg_dump is the command to dump the database. The above command dump all data in the database {database} to the backup.sql file.

To undump/import:
psql -h {host-name} -U {username} -p {database name} < backup.sql
Dump/Export postgreSQL database:

Same as mysql this command will import data from backup.sql to the database.


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